Element Botanicals Man Up Tonic

Element Botanicals Man Up Tonic

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Before lotion, there was tonic!

Complete the ritual with equal parts nostalgia and modern day savoir fare. This refreshing, nourishing tonic delivers a potent dose of beneficial botanicals which help refine the skin and keep it looking healthy and clear. Use after shaving (or any time) to invigorate, tone and soothe the complexion and leave a hint of our woodland fresh aromatherapy blend. An after shave with benefits!

This line of re-imagined barber shop inspired products is created for everyone who simply wants to 'Man up' and take care of their skin.

Key Elements:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's): Helps to clear blemishes, hydrate the skin and lighten pigment spots by loosening dead cells clinging to the skin’s surface. This makes it ideal even for sensitive skin or even conditions like rosacea.

Cucumber Extract: Anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich, the photochemical in cucumbers makes the collagen in your skin tighten, helping to relieve puffiness.

Green Tea: Superfoods for the skin, added for their ability to provide antioxidants and deep nourishment.

Recyclable 4 oz bottle