Window & Mirror Cleaner

Window & Mirror Cleaner

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ATTITUDE Nature + TechnologyMC Window and Glass Cleaner is the natural and efficient cleaner you’ve been looking for. Thanks to its non-toxic formula which contains plant- and mineral-based ingredients like saponin, a natural cleansing agent, your mirrors, windows and glass surfaces will shine clean! This mirror and glass cleaner is packed in a practical spray bottle, and you don’t need to rinse after washing to enjoy a streak-free result. Hypoallergenic, PETA Certified and vegan, ECOLOGO Certified and biodegradable, this mighty cleaner naturally smells like citrus zest.


• Streak-free natural window and glass cleaner that works: made with plant- and mineral-based ingredients such as saponin, a powerful natural cleansing agent, and surfactants made from plant-derived glucose and fatty alcohols.
• Made with natural fragrances: a natural fresh and clean citrus aroma.
• Suitable for sensitive skin: dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic to minimize skin irritation.
• ECOLOGO®?Certified: sustainable and biodegradable surface cleaner.
• PETA Certified: vegan and cruelty-free.

Spray and wipe with a dry cloth. Specifically designed to give a streak-free finish to windows and mirrors.

For your spring cleanup use ATTITUDE’s Window & Mirror Cleaner on indoor and outdoor glass surfaces.