Element Botanicals Potion Facial Elixir 30ml

Element Botanicals Potion Facial Elixir 30ml

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This enchantingly light yet potent facial creme is a long time fan favorite.

High in antioxidants, ideal to balance all skin types while helping to improve the look and feel of the complexion. Use daily alone or as a base to help your skin to renew itself while fighting signs of damage.

Nutrient rich botanicals have been carefully curated to help to provide protection against and help to repair environmental damage, delivering many skin soothing benefits. Daily use (makes a perfect morning moisturizer) can help to improve the skin's barrier function, increase cellular and collagen renewal while providing intense nourishment.

Key Elements:

Silk Proteins: Derived from the abandoned silk worm's cocoon provides amino acids and lipids as well as renowned anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and natural SPF qualities. Silk has long been used in body care preparations to treat wounds, stimulate, nourish and enliven the skin. Silk has a low molecular weight, meaning it can absorb deep into the dermis to provide nourishment.

Green & White Tea, Kombucha, Dong Quai: Superfoods for the skin, added for their ability to provide antioxidants and deep nourishment.

Zinc: Assists in the proper structure of proteins and cell membranes, improves the skin's ability to heal, has anti-inflammatory effects, and protects against UV radiation.