Bumby Solid Lanolin 4oz

Bumby Solid Lanolin 4oz

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4oz container

Lanolin takes the already amazing wool fibers to the next level

  • Gives wool its antibacterial properties; Naturally neutralizing odors and urine
  • Gives wool its water proof protection; Giving your wool added wetness protection
  • Super Moisurizing: Leaving both the wool fibers and skin feeling soft and healthy
  • Naturally produced by sheep, then saved during the cleaning of the wool fibers to knitting
  • We only use the best quality super deodorized pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin
  • Naturally found, naturally cleaned, naturally applied…

Pure pharmaceutical grade lanolin, no stinky barnyard smell.  You may emulsify with shampoo or most soaps.  We do not recommend glycerin because it attracts water, can can cause drying of the wool fibers as well as reduce the effectiveness of the lanolin.

We do not use any scents, fragrances or essential oils in our products.  These oils can be an irritant to many people, and are not inert substances.  I love using essential oils daily for cleaning etc, but do not want anything effecting the product’s performance.  You may add your own oils if you wish, at your own risk.