Element Botanicals Serenity Now Deodorant

Element Botanicals Serenity Now Deodorant

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*New biodegradable cardboard packaging is here! Please note, you may receive the original plastic packaging as we roll through our existing inventory*

Clean deodorant is loaded with a blend of bacteria killing, moisture absorbing, naturally effective ingredients. Antioxidant rich botanicals sooth irritation from dryness and keep you feeling fresh

Key Elements: 

Baking Soda: Superior absorption and moisture control to help to keep you feeling fresh.

Zinc: Reacts with the odor causing fatty acids and renders them into odorless zinc salts. Zinc is anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Botanical extracts: Selected botanicals include lavender, bergamot and rose; It is fresh, floral and herbal, to invoke a sense of peace. 

80ml 100% compostable, biodegradable cardboard tubes!