Kubi Dubi Prefabricated Wooden Block Set Kubi House

Kubi Dubi Prefabricated Wooden Block Set Kubi House

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This wooden block set is designed for preschool- and school-age children, as well as adults, interested in assembling prefabricated structures. The pieces will turn into a realistic miniature house, which, due to its special connecting features, will be sturdily constructed without any use of glue. This set will make your child feel like a real builder and will develop space cognition and planning skills. Ready-made house can be used for further playing or became part of a room decor.

The set includes:

  • 260 natural wooden blocks, all blocks are paint and varnish-free
  • Wooden box for storing the set
  • “Kubi Dubi” magnet
  • Booklet
  • Only premium and non-toxic species of wood are used in toy manufacturing
  • All wood surfaces are meticulously polished to keep child’s tender skin harm free
  • Quality wooden toys are hypoallergenic so the parents can be assured in their complete safety to child’s health
  • All the manufacturing processes undergo rigid standard checks and constantly monitored for quality assurance
  • It is durable, keeps its shape and doesn’t break easily
  • Wooden toys are easy to take care of and they can be nicely mixed and matched during play