Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloths - 8pk

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloths - 8pk

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The Skoy Cloth is an innovative cloth and takes the place of your paper towels, sponges, rags, dishcloths and more. It is a European made product and 100% biodegradable when properly composted. 

Use in place of paper towels and sponges
One Skoy Cloth saves 15 rolls of paper towels
100% biodegradable and compostable

Absorbs 15x its own weight
8 pack of 7x7 cloths

Reusable and washer/dryer safe

Made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. The Skoy Cloth is a chlorine-free, unbleached, and non-GMO product using water-based colors and inks.