Lelo Kegel Smart

Lelo Kegel Smart

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KegelSmart takes all the effort out of Kegel exercising by choosing the right routine for you and then guiding you every step of the way. With its touch-sensor technology, KegelSmart registers your pelvic floor strength then automatically sets the perfect routine for your level. KegelSmart coaches you through the routine with gentle vibrations. 

Developed with the support of Intimina's Medical Advisory Board, including gynaecologists and pelvic health specialists, KegelSmart gives you expert pelvic floor training in less than 5 minutes a day. Exercising with KegelSmart is super easy, KegelSmart will automatically move you up the levels as you build strength. Keep track of your progress with a quick-view flashing LED. 


Strengthen Tone- This personal Kegel trainer uses gentle vibrations to guide you through each pelvic floor exercise so you never have to guess whether you’re doing it right or if you’re making progress thanks to a flashing light on the side

Intuitive and Simple to Use - A standalone product, KegelSmart pelvic muscle toner measures your pelvic floor strength and automatically adapts the intensity for each tightening routine to prevent meaningless contractions and deliver results

Restore Confidence - Get real-time biofeedback to easily target pelvic floor weakness and improve your overall intimate health in less time. Experience better bladder control, enhanced sexual sensitivity, and recover vaginal tightness after birth

Complete Pelvic Workout - One 5-minute routine a day is enough to get stronger, healthier pelvic floor muscles. Track your progress through 5 progressive levels and stay motivated with a new routine the higher you go, based on strength and endurance

Developed to Highest Standards - KegelSmart is developed with the support of our medical advisory board, including gynaecologists and pelvic health experts. FDA-cleared and CE-marked, it is made from medical-grade silicone


• Registers pelvic strength – Every time you exercise, KegelSmart monitors the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.
• Automatically sets the level – Based on the strength it measures, KegelSmart sets the exercise level to fit your needs.
• Vibration guided program – You are coached through each routine with gentle vibrations: Contract when it vibrates - Rest when it stops.
• Tracks your progress – When you turn KegelSmart on, a flashing LED light indicates your current level, allowing you to track your progress and stay motivated. Uses 1 AAA battery (not included).