Jack's Mama Reusable Water Balloons

Jack's Mama Reusable Water Balloons

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Get ready to have fun this summer over and over and OVER again with our reusable crochet water balloons!

Made of soft, plush super thirsty yarn just dip! Dunk! Soak! Them in water and let your imagination run 

No mess!

No waste! 

Just endless fun! 

Made of super thirsty yarn these balloons hold lots of water! Toss them for a big splat! or squeeze them out for a cool shower!  

Sold in packs of 5 of coordinating colours (unless stated as surprise mix)
Mom tip - designate one colour per child - make it a 'rule' that they can only throw their own colour!


Handmade in Canada. 

Size will vary a bit due to the handmade nature but they are approximately 5 x 3.5"


Machine wash cold and air dry

Please use caution as tossing balloons can lead to injury if not done in a responsible manor and under parent supervision.