Vaness Teen Regular Cloth Pad & Storage Pouch

Vaness Teen Regular Cloth Pad & Storage Pouch

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Have you heard of Öko-Teens? They’re thin, comfortable and colourful reusable pads! 

Öko-Teens’ Vaness provides protection for regular menstrual flow. Don’t worry about leaks, because Öko-Teens have a breathable waterproof layer. The top layer of each pad is made with specially woven organic cotton that rapidly absorbs liquid to create a stay-dry effect

This fabric is also a beautiful purple colour to hide stains*. The absorbent core is made from a true super-hero fibre: incredibly absorbent and truly eco-friendly hemp! 

Öko-Teens characters created and illustrated by Soefara Jafney Jaafar

Individual storage pouch with a twist!

A practical and discreet individual storage pouch comes with each pad. Each pouch has a little tag marked “To wash!” When you tuck a used pad into a pouch, pull out the tag. That way you’ll always know which pouches contain clean pads and which ones need to be washed. You’ll love it!

Packaging : FSC paper

Made in Canada

o Protection: 67% hemp, 27% organic cotton, 6% food grade polyurethane

o Pouch: 78% organic cotton, 22% food safe polyurethane