Period Underwear + Removable Insert
Period Underwear + Removable Insert
Period Underwear + Removable Insert
Period Underwear + Removable Insert
Period Underwear + Removable Insert
Period Underwear + Removable Insert

Period Underwear + Removable Insert

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Live stress free with the Öko-Flow menstrual undies. Perfect for menstruation, vaginal discharge or light bladder leaks; it will be a strong ally for your daily activities as well as for your rocky expeditions.

Versatile, this 2-in-1 undergarment has a waterproof built-in liner for light absorbency as well as an additional, stay-put insert for heavier flow days.

You can also wear the Öko-Flow underwear on its own.

• To measure your hips, use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hips, above your buttocks and horizontally. Take the measurement in inches, note it down and repeat the process to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

• The Öko-Flow collection is the perfect choice to start a gentle transition to reusable intimate products. They are easy to care for, comfortable, durable, absorbent and machine washable. They are also economical in the long run, so you won't have to buy disposable menstrual products every month for years to come.

• Contents:
- 1 pair of undies with built-in liner
- 1 removable insert
- 1 use and care guide

• Made in Canada

• Pre-Washing Instructions
1- Rinse or soak your pads in cold water to remove excess blood.
2- Dissolve 2 Öko-Capsules or 6g of sodium percarbonate in a bucket with 1 liter of warm water.
3- Add your used pads and soak between 3 to 12 hours
IMPORTANT - Do not close the bucket.

• Washing Machine Instructions*
1- Add detergent as normal.
2- Add 3 Öko-Capsules or 9g of sodium percarbonate to the drum of your machine.
3- Wash your pads in warm water.
* This method is done at the same time of the wash day.

• Always confirm the manufacturer’s instructions for washing each type of reusable pad.
• Wash before using for the first time.
• Do not use bleach or fabric softener. These products are skin irritants and can reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of your pads.
• Do not use a detergent that contains fabric softener.
• Do not wash with items that have hook and loop (Velcro) closures.
• Do not wash and dry at a high temperature, this can impact the lifespan of the inner waterproof membrane.
• Do not use conventionnal stain remover (such as Oxyclean), their composition and/or method of use and/or dosage is not suitable
• Use soap that does not contain glycerine to avoid build up in your pads.
• Hot water sets stains. Once stains are set, they will be difficult to remove.

• Material:
Underwear: 94% organic cotton, 3% elastane, 3% polyurethane (foodgrade) exclusive of thrim.
Insert: 73% organic cotton, 27% hemp.