Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series
Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series
Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series
Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series
Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series
Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series

Magnetic Blocks Abstract Series

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PIXIO is a unique construction set in which magnetic blocks are connected thanks to a well-thought-out system of magnets.

The polarity of the magnets is designed in a way that the blocks can be connected to each other in any sequence from different sides. Model the abstract 3D objects emitted by the charged particles of your mind. 

The universe and everything in it are made up of charged particles — so, essentially, we all live in an infinite magnetic block set. Extend your color spectrum to infinity by adding in PIXIO blocks from other PIXIO® ABSTRACT SERIES sets. Take the universe by storm with color and let your imagination run free.

• PIXIO® AMPHIBIO: the colors of the sea, a sea of color.
• PIXIO® PIXOPLASMА: the five elementary color particles.
• PIXIO® TROPIC: your signature cocktail of color.
• Clever design and magnetism create endless construction possibilities
• No wrong way to build
• Encourage fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, planning, problem-solving, and critical thinking
• Fully compatible with all other PIXIO sets
• Download the free app (iOS & Android) to explore hundreds of interactive, 3D design ideas

• Age: 6 years and up
• Contents: 60 magnetic pixio blocks
• Dimensions: Each PIXIO block is a plastic cube 8 x 8 x 8 mm with 6 magnets inside
• Do not contain any BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex or toxic materials

• AMPHIBIO colors: blue, light blue, turquoise, light green, and green
• PIXOPLASMА colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, and violet
• TROPIC colors: light green, green, yellow, and pink

• CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts.
• Not for children under 3 years.
• Adult supervision required

Just take the PIXIO block in your hand and place it where you want it to be - BANG! - the PIXIO block is connected.

• To clean the product, wipe it with a dry towel.

• Product use is not recommended in environments or climates that exceed 50 °C or humidity more than 90%.
• Do not place or use the product near heat or open flame, or do not put the product on, into, near or inside any heating devices.
• Do not place PIXIO blocks into liquid.
• To minimize the risk of cracking or damaging the product please be careful when using PIXIO blocks outdoors.
• Do not place near credit cards or electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, monitors, TVs, pacemakers, and any other magnetic sensitive data carriers and devices.
• Do not use this product for purposes other than its originally intended purpose.
• Do not use PIXIO blocks with other magnetic toys or objects; this product should be used only with the components supplied or recommended by PIXIO.