Wheat Straw Foaming Pump Bottle

Wheat Straw Foaming Pump Bottle

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Discover the new Myni 500mL foaming pump bottle made with wheat straw. The first collection of natural foaming hand soap bottles made from wheat straw. Durability without compromising end-of-life biodegradability.


Wheat straw, a great solution to plastic

- Wheat straw is a renewable resource.

- At the end of its life, the bottle can be converted into paste that will be used to make new products again and again! Also compostable in approximatly 9 months.

- Less energy is required to produce this bioplastic compared to traditional plastic.

- Made from recovered agricultural “waste” - the dry wheat stalk that is unused during the wheat harvest. We can said that this product is based on the circular economy principle!

One soap tablet included with each bottle!

How to use

Make your product with tap water. It’s effective without compromising the environment!

  1. Fill your 500ml foaming bottle with water.
  2. Insert your hand soap tablet.
  3. Close your bottle before use and wait the dissolution.

Compost the package after use..

Once your soap ready, just pump to obtains a luxurious foam to wash your hands.